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Beligum League(Jupiler Liga) (15/0) 
Beligum League(Jupiler Liga) Teams
Brazil League (5/0) 
Brazilian League Teams
Czech League (11/0) 
Czech League Teams
Denmark League (14/0) 
Denmark League Teams
England League (26/0) 
England Premier League Club Teams
France League (11/0) 
France League Club Teams
German Bundesliga (17/0) 
German Bundesliga Club Teams
Greece League (9/0) 
Greece League Club Teams
Italy Seria A (26/0) 
Italy Seria A Club Teams
Japan J-League (26/0) 
Japan J-League Club Teams
Korea K-League (11/0) 
Korea K-League Club Teams
Netherland League (14/0) 
Netherland League Club Teams
Norway League (12/0) 
Norway League Club Teams
Other Europe (0/0) 
Other Europe지역 Club Teams
Portugal League (11/0) 
Portugal League Club Teams
Scotland League (10/0) 
Scotland League Club Teams
Spain Primera Liga (20/0) 
Spain Primera Liga Club Teams
Sweden League (15/0) 
Sweden League Club Teams
Swiss League (10/0) 
Swiss League Club Teams
Turkey League (7/0) 
Turkey League Club Teams
USA MLS (11/0) 
USA MLS Club Teams

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