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Subject   Worldwide Super Patch 2010 is released! 363,354 - Hit  
Name   webmaster 2010/02/01 - 10:20:39  

The FIFA KOREA Worldwide Super Patch is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team & club team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA10 and comprehensive graphics update according to K-League atmosphere.


Also this patch is operating under 2 languages of FIFA 10(korean & english). And provides real rosters and graphics for World Clubs & national teams. This amazing patch includes lots of features for you :

  • Roster Update
  • - Full support for Network(IPX) game through Hex editing

    - The accurate roster updates and real formation data for Korean K-League

    - Tons of modification for player figures in K-League

    - It creats K-League Peace Cup mode

    - Add 54 new national teams with accurate roster

    - The latest roster update for existing 41 national teams

    - Add 2010 FIFA  World Cup Qualification and Final Tournament

    - Each continental cup mode is included (Asia, Concacaf, South America, Europe, Africa, Confederations Cup)

    - Add 10 Classic All star teams(Korea, Japan, England, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina)

    - It creats lots of new all star teams (Asia All Star, Africa All Star, Europe All Star, South America All Star, Concacaf All Star, K-League All Star, Classic All Star, Old All Star)

    - And real roster update for many teams

  • Graphic Update
  • - Lots of new title & sub menu screens

    - High quality home&away kits for 54 created and 41 existing national teams

    - New kits, banner, logo for all created teams

    - New 2009-2010 season kits for English Premier League teams

    - Newly created 56 boots (original EA boots will be replaced)

    - High quality face graphics for 38 Korean players

    - New adboards for international A-match & K-League matches

    - New In-game popup graphics including Star Sports scoreboard

    - Add official balls for K-League, Premier League, Primera Liga, Seria A

    - Realisitc & High quality turfs in all stadiums

    - New Nike, Adidas, Puma fonts for jerseys

    - Many famous head coach face images for manager mode

    - Some graphic modification for lots of teams

    - New refree kits, training kits, armbands

    - Updated graphic settings for better smooth guality

  • Other Features
  • - More smooth play motion in the game

    - Realistic chants for Korea national team

    - It adds real national anthem for the created national teams

    - Fully supported english & korean. (The other languages will be soon)

    - Convenient installation & full restoration function






















This great patch embody the realistic soccer world including many national teams & club teams. Download it now by clicking the banner below!!




  fathy 2010-02-01, 10:28:49  

  emanuel 2010-02-01, 11:12:00  
SUPER !!!!!!!!!!...manu74...and fifa-moldova.tk...present's Divizia Nationala Rep.Moldova-FIRST PATCH for FIFA 10 (12 team + national team Rep.Moldova )....more...fifa-moldova.tk

  adaba 2010-02-01, 11:59:32  

  cosma 2010-02-01, 14:54:05  
FIFA Korea Rulz

  suhaimi 2010-02-01, 18:14:00  
can it download to fifa 09

  mungus 2010-02-02, 11:52:28  
THANKS!! Fifa Korea RULES! :D i love these mega patches =)

  nuamah 2010-02-02, 12:33:20  
Hey i am having big trouble installing this patch, could you upload the 'Classic XI National Teams, and i also noticed some other teams like CONCAF XI & UEFA XI, could you upload those seperate as well please =]

  Joker 2010-02-02, 14:52:54  
very good

  T 2010-02-02, 18:10:51  
looks absolutely incedible, great job fifa korea.

you may use all of my files i have created for fifa 10 from this link

as you have already uploaded my nets physics patch.


  DmnY 2010-02-03, 09:27:27  
Amazing ! Many thanks for this mega patch !

  Kwarteng 2010-02-03, 12:25:13  
i am now downloading it i think i will be the best

  escalon 2010-02-03, 16:00:43  
great patch

  T 2010-02-05, 10:06:57  
question since im crashing & i know there is a fix.bat.

what exactly does the fix.bat fix or change ?

  Garcia 2010-02-05, 12:53:03  
Excellent a great work of our friends of fifakorea I congratulate them and thank you very much friends. From Spain a greeting for all you are I them number one. OK.

  verdickt 2010-02-05, 16:02:30  
Brilliant patch. Too bad about the ugly menu's and bad pitch, but a great patch anyway. Thanks!

  Thomas 2010-02-08, 12:06:32  
Hm after installing I do get the new menu backgrounds but there appears to be no change to the data. No new teams or tournaments. Any idea anyone?

  coronel 2010-02-09, 09:15:39  
Thanks guys. It patch work in vista 64 bits.

  Kinzman 2010-02-27, 12:15:26  
I like it, thank you very much ;-) !!!!
Fifa Korea Superpatch rulez...... ;-)

  Quoc Huy 2010-03-03, 12:00:01  
Thank for great patch! But i have some problems! Some nationality and club error, it say example $503900 not found... Who can help me, please?
Thank you very much!

  mahdy 2010-03-05, 13:16:06  

  mahdy 2010-03-06, 04:09:59  
thinks for this patch

  Jaffar 2010-03-08, 20:48:20  
yes - error in career play - pls rectify it - as we dont know how to do it..
- great patch

  osso 2010-03-09, 11:46:24  
is it include syria

  mahdy 2010-03-12, 10:29:26  

  mahdy 2010-03-12, 10:30:19  
is it include syria

  Gomez 2010-03-14, 23:31:17  
hijos de puta

  soso 2010-03-21, 05:38:27  
it`s for fifa 08?

  aviciin 2010-04-23, 23:46:38  
Apike tenan tapi sayang ra enek Esia

  김정우 2010-04-28, 10:20:51  

  bin 2010-04-28, 20:53:57  
thank you very much

  yakirevich 2010-12-24, 09:37:03  
will this work for fifa 05??????????? someone plz answer my question.

  mangole 2011-04-28, 15:09:48  

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