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Subject   Amazing K-League Super Patch 2008 has been released! 43,479 - Hit  
Name   webmaster 2008/10/17 - 02:43:43  

Amazing K-League Super Patch 2008(500Mbytes) has been released! The K-League Super Patch 2008 is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team & club team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA08 and comprehensive graphics update according to K-League atmosphere.


Also this patch is operating under 2 languages of FIFA 08(korean & english). And provides real rosters and graphics for World Clubs & national teams. This amazing patch includes lots of features for you :

  • Roster Update
  • - Full support for Network(IPX) game

    - The accurate transfer updates for over 1,000 players

    - Tons of modification for player figures (over 3,000 players)

    - It creats hundreds of new players in the game

    - The accurate roster updates and real formation data for Korean K-League, English Premier League, Italian Seria A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, French Le Championnat, Holland Eredivisie teams

    - Add 17 new national teams : Ghana, Netherlands, North Korea(Korea DPR),  Senegal, Angola, Iran, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Costarica, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, Tunisia, Moroco

    - Total 50 national teams roster updates are included

    - And real roster update for many teams

  • Graphic Update
  • - Lots of new title menu screens according to K-League atmosphere

    - High quality home&away kits for lots of teams

    - New kits, banner, logo for all created national teams and club teams

    - Newly created boots (all EA boots will be replaced)

    - High quality face graphics for 29 Korea national team players

    - Real refree face graphics are included

    - New adboards for international A-match & K-League matches

    - New In-game popup graphics including scoreboard

    - High quality 2GK kits for all K-League teams

    - Add Nike Aerow ball, Adidas Teamgeist ball, Euro 2008 Match ball

    - New 3D logos for all club teams & national teams

    - Realistic photo crowds, Weaving 3D flags, linesman flags

    - New referee kits, realistic goalkeeper & winter gloves

    - Realisitc & High quality turfs in all stadiums

    - Better captain armband & Updated kit format

    - Realistic floodlights for night game

    - Accurate and new natioal flags, banners and logos

    - Many famous head coach face images for manager mode

    - It fixes face graphic error for Korea national team's players

    - New ingame mini faces for Korea national team players

    - New Nike, Adidas, Puma fonts for jerseys

    - Some graphic modification for lots of teams

    - Remove overacted filter effects which appears during cinematic animations

    - Updated graphic settings for better guality

  • Other Features
  • - More smooth play motion in the game

    - Add FIFA KOREA Sponsor in Career Mode

    - Add LG, Samsung, KIA, AIG, Unicef, BWIN, Sportfive, Fly Emirares Sponsors

    - Enhanced audio setting for realisitc crowd shout (08 Ambient Sound by M.D)

    - Fully supported english & korean. (The other languages will be soon)

    - Convenient installation & full restoration function  





















This great patch embody the realistic soccer world including many leagues and national teams. Download it now by clicking the banner below!



  Soares 2008-10-18, 20:51:22  
The FileFronte have a problem. The download is not correct! Thank you.

  cao 2008-11-01, 22:59:50  
It's very good.

  Lee 2008-11-08, 11:57:26  
Thank you FIFA Korea for this patch. The only problem for me is that the pitch or turf is a black void (e.g. the grass field/turf is gone 'cept for the black/empty field) Is there a way to fix this??? I've reinstalled the patch several times... :( Other than this problem, the patch itself is won...

  Oliveira 2008-11-13, 07:15:06  
tanks this good patch, but when i tray to play every is nice but the field is black any sugestion for resolve this problem

  Kowalski 2008-11-15, 20:09:45  
hmm can somebody tell how to fix black pitch

  Nenow 2008-11-23, 23:38:44  
The only thing i found is to install Default Turf Patch but when you do this you'll have only one really fucked up pitch. I think that makers should give us a fix for this incredible patch.

  yummy 2008-12-17, 23:21:09  
it would be great to get a fix for the black turf! great other than that

  baddou 2008-12-30, 01:40:48  
first thanks for this patch i hope know how to fix the black ptich
thanks again

  etiq 2008-12-31, 23:46:46  
black pitch fix plzzz

  elghaly 2009-01-05, 04:28:44  
plz help us to resolve the proble of the black turf

  kingsatyea 2009-03-26, 01:03:15  
thanks 2008 thanks

  adzman 2009-04-30, 10:03:56  
Disaster when i install face pack in this patch...CM08 wont be open correctly..This also happen when i open MM08, I cant Load all the about it...Plizz tell me...how to fix this...Anyone who know how to fix this..urgent

  hamit 2009-05-08, 07:46:01  
i was download this patc..then i tray to instal on my freesh fifa 08 ..Something hapend..!! when i play fifa game all was updated but the grees is lose..way its can hapend to my life..!!

  kingsatyea 2009-07-02, 14:16:08  

  Gaikwad 2009-07-07, 00:38:09  
I had the same problem..!
.I installed "MANY TURF patches" and then "LASTLY" the following patch..!
[ target=_blank>http://www.fifakorea.net/pds2/detail2.html?id=1477...

  mz 2009-07-16, 00:33:06  
all of the pitches i tried installing but come stage2 they crash..!!!

  ale 2009-08-11, 09:35:27  
muito bom

  heinze 2009-08-14, 07:09:35  
Please how i must fix black turf problem

  robert 2011-05-20, 17:37:31  
i have the same problem guys !!! everything works perfectly but when i play the game the turf is black !!!! how do i solve this ??????

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