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Subject   Our new affiliate site...China FIFA ! 8,867 - Hit  
Name   webmaster (Home) 2002/07/13 - 18:36:19  

Affiliate with China FIFA !
We announce China FIFA is now our new affiliate site!
China FIFA is the best & laggest Chinese FIFA community in the world. Read their introduce comment below.

"This is the first website for foreigners to interact with Chinese FIFA Community. It's also an English version of GuangDong FIFA Association Website. Here I am introducing CHINA FIFA to you. In China, we have more than 15 FIFA Associations.

Every big city or province has its own FIFA association. For our FIFA association(GDFA), we have more than 250 members. Most of us have ADSL connection. You know that the connection between ADSL is really fast. We can always play FIFA game on Internet with a good connection, just like to play in local Network.

In the year 2002, China held a lot FIFA2002 and 2002 FIFA World Cup competition since this year is World Cup year. Oicq is a communication tool for China fifa players to communicate. it's widely use in China, just like ICQ is being used in the world. If you have good connection and you want to play against China fifa players, then you can download the OICQ(English Version) here. What you have to do next is just to apply an account, and add some China fifa players oicq no. And then just try to talk to them, ask them for a game :)

"Network Play" is an other great way for gamers to play games. You will see a lot FIFA players there once you login. You can see the introduction in our main page."

We believe this affiliation will bring more benefits to FIFA community. Visit our new affiliate site China FIFA, and enjoy your e-soccer life!

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