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Subject   FIFA KOREA Provided World Cyber Games 2003 Official Patch ! 10,187 - Hit  
Name   webmaster 2003/10/20 - 00:55:41  

- FIFA KOREA Provided World Cyber Games 2003 Official Patch !

"See you at WCG 2004 at San Francisco !"

At last, the curtain of the 3rd World Cyber Games Grand Final has been closed on 18th, October. WCG 2003 is the World Cultural Festival, where languages and cultural barriers are stripped away and international exchange and harmony are promoted. At WCG 2003, you can experience great fun and the feel passion of being a gamer. A week-long festival of entertainment, exhibitions, music, and cultural exchange surrounds the competition, truly bringing the WCG Grand Final "Beyond the Game".


Specially FIFA KOREA provided "WCG 2003 Roster Patch" for WCG 2003's official game "FIFA 2003". The patch has been developed over 1 month by our team, it's now officially used in WCG 2003 Grand Final. This patch was only for World Cyber Games 2003, specially for network play games, so prohibits from using for another purpose. It creates the most accurate roster of all participated countries, and adjust all tatics are samely. The details of this patch are :


1) Edited and Created Nations

France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, U.K, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Russia, Korea, China, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Austrailia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Aregentina, Israel, Turkey, Iran.


2) Roster Manufacture Standard

① All teams' ability may be perfectly equal. Specially all players' ability is established by all 9, regardless of position. (But Shooting abilities are different according to Position.) Therefore everybody do network game in equal condition without any problem though any team is chosen.

② Team Formation and Strategy : There are real formation and strategy of each team according to the latest A match or tournament.

③ Criterion for player roster of each team : There are real player names of each team during according to the latest A match or tournament.

④ The data is based on English language. You must choose the language by English in option menu.

3) Audio Issue : Some players' audio files are deleted. This is for network play stability.

4) A little Graphic Change : : This patch does not have wide graphic changes. It only contains some face shapes and skin colors.

5) Kits, Flags, and other Graphics : It contains the latest home & away kits of each team. But other graphic addons are not included. (according to WCG's request.)

6) Stabilities : It is stability that must think most heftily in this data. Through continuous beta-test, secured stability maximum.


"WCG 2003 Roster Patch" helped to get into more correct and fair result for FIFA 2003.


Check out The official World Cyber Games 2003 site, and watch up the biggest game convention in the world ! (You can download our official WCG 2003 network play roster patch by visting the official site. Or you can download it directly by clicking Here.)


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