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Subject   World Roster Update v1.1(Bug Fix) is on air ! 46,077 - Hit  
Name   webmaster 2008/05/08 - 10:34:32  

One of the most famous FIFA patch series, World Roster Update Patch 2008, was released on 1th May, 2008.


Unfortunely, World Roster Update Patch 2008 1.0 version has a few problems. One of the most problem is "a compatible issue" when you install another graphic patches.


If you don't install any additional graphic patch(like face patches) after 1.0 version, the game is not crashed. But if not, the game will be crashed or you can't install the additional patch with FIFA FS technique.


So we released this bug fix patch urgently. This update bug fix patch will solve the issue, so we strongly suggest you get this patch immediately if you install the previous 1.0 version.

  • This 1.1 update patch fully rebuilds zdata files to block graphic errors. (No Roster Change from the previous 1.0 version)
  • This patch improves "the compatible issue" when you install another graphic patches. You can add any another graphic patches after this 1.1 version.
  • New users just install this v1.1 patch without 1.0 version.
  • If you installed the previous 1.0 version, read this carefully.
  • : You can use the setting & save files in the previous 1.0 version as it is. You can find the previous setting & save files at "C:\08_backup_wrp\my_document\FIFA_08" after installing this update patch. Just copy all files and paste them to "My Document\FIFA 08". This v1.1 patch is fully compatible with the previous 1.0 version.)

If you are a new user, please ready these steps below before installing this patch.


1) We strongly suggest you uninstall FIFA 08, and then delete FIFA 08 main directory(for example C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 08)

2) Delete "My Documents\FIFA 08" directory.

3) Now you should re-install FIFA 08.


World Roster Update Patch 2008 is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team & club team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA 08 and various graphics including to new season jerseys. This patch provides real rosters and graphics for World Clubs & national teams.


Must download it now to rebuild your FIFA 08!



  Miller 2008-06-12, 03:42:28  
how can i download only da bug fix without the whole update

  Buit 2008-06-21, 19:28:09  
I downloaded the patch, great by the way! But when I play a match the gamespeed is super high I cannot follow the game anymore. Do you have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance

  Bolić 2008-08-17, 20:54:10  

  mungus 2008-10-08, 05:12:17  
Cant wait for FIFA 09 Patch :D Keep up the GREAT work! =)

  hamit 2009-05-08, 07:50:01  
yups.. i hope add new league of asia to

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